School History

photo of Mr. Villalovoz

Louis J. Villalovoz, Sr. (1911-1986)
“A Community Leader” in sports, recreation, education and Community Organizations’ for more than half a century.
Louis J. Villalovoz, a native of Safford, Arizona, moved to Tracy in 1930. He worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad from 1935 until retirement in 1972. He was the father of 4 sons and 3 daughters. 
After arriving in Tracy, he organized the first Mexican-American baseball team on the Southside and was active in youth sports and recreation. 
Mr. Villalovoz was a member of Tracy’s Recreation Commission for 15 years representing the Tracy Elementary School District and was a School Board President from 1971-1972.
In 1938, he helped organize Tracy Guadalupe Society and served as its President and Treasurer.
Serving in several clubs and organizations was his pride. They included:
·         President of South School PTA
·         President of the Guadalupe Credit Union
·         President of the Tracy Senior Citizens Club
·         President of the Westside Pioneers Association
·         Secretary of Knights of Columbus
In 1975, he was named, “Mr. Tracy”, the award more commonly known as “Citizen of the Year” and was the recipient of the San Joaquin County “El Buen Vecino” award for those of Mexican descent who have contributed to the betterment of the community.
Mr. Villalovoz was a leader and representative of the Mexican-American community throughout Tracy. 
He passed away in 1986 from heart and circulatory ailments.