School Supply List



Kindergarten Classes:

White copy paper
Black Expo dry erase markers
Snack, Sandwich, and gallon-size Ziploc bags
Crayola markers
Large plain band-aids
These last two must be the 
exact brand listed as they are approved by the district:

Purell Hand Sanitizer
Purell Wipes

First Grade

Firsts Grade Classes:

•    4 EXPO Whiteboard Markers in black                    
•    2 Boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons 
•    4 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
•    2 big erasers (preferably white ones)
•    20 pencil top erasers
•    2 plastic folders with prongs (one blue and one red)
•    3 composition notebooks (wide ruled)
•    2 black thin sharpies

Other needed supplies:
•    Box of Kleenex
•    Ziploc Bags (gallon size) 
•    Band Aids
•    1 Purell Hand Sanitizer
•    Clorox Wipes
•    Ream of Colored Copy Paper
•    Ream of White Copy Paper
•    Scotch tape
•    Stickers
•    Small prizes for prize boxes

This is optional, but much needed for a successful school year.
*Your child’s classroom teacher may need a few more items.  She will let you know once school starts. 

Second Grade

Second Grade Classes:

1.    2 boxes 24-count crayons (Crayola work the best)
2.    1 blue plastic pocket folder
3.    1 red plastic pocket folder
4.    1 composition book (any color)
5.    1 blue spiral notebook/wide ruled, 70 sheets
6.    1 yellow spiral notebook/wide ruled, 70 sheets
7.    Pencils – nothing too fancy, real wood sharpen easier
8.    5-6 Glue Sticks – Elmer’s or Glue Stic works the best
9.    Pencil box
10.    1 set of watercolors (paint tray) – Crayola works the best
11.     Colored markers (fat/skinny) – Crayola last the longest
12.    Colored pencils (with handheld sharpener that holds shavings)
13.    2 Highlighters (any color)
14.    2 Sharpie pens (black)
15.    4-5 dry erase markers (fine tip)
16.    1 ream of white copy paper
*Optional Items (but greatly appreciated )
*Purell hand sanitizer   *baby wipes   *tissue       *eraser caps for pencils

*This is a general supply list.
*Your child’s teacher may ask for specific items for her/his class

Third Grade

Third Grade Classes:

(Please note this is only a partial list.  Each teacher will have additional items for their individual classrooms)

1 ½ or 2 inch 3 ring binder. (Hardbound with pockets on inside cover.)
2 dozen pencils
3 large glue sticks
8 dry erase markers, fine point, any color
4 folders (2 pocket) any color
I pair of scissors 
Pencil box: small container to store supplies in.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Classes:

Welcome back! Each student will be needing the following items in class. 

•    2 Composition notebooks (they are usually black and white)
•    1 highlighter (any color)
•    2 dry erase markers (any color) and 1 dry eraser 
•    1 pocket folder (without prongs) 
•    2 spiral-bound 70 page notebooks
•    Glue sticks
•    Pencil box with basic supplies
•    1 package of Wide Ruled Binder paper 
•    Earbuds 
•    A positive attitude   

The items below are things that we will need throughout the year. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

•    Kleenex
•    White copy paper
•    Wide Ruled Binder paper
•    Glue sticks
•    Dry erase markers
•    Pens and pencils  
•    Clorox Wipes 

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Classes:

2 composition books 
6 single subject spiral notebooks
Small pencil box
Colored pencils
Lined paper
White copy paper
Glue sticks
Student scissors
Dry erase markers (broad tip and fine tip)
Correcting pens 
Inexpensive headphones (to be kept at school)
Personal hand sharpeners (no battery or electric sharpeners)
3 x 5 index cards 



Second/Third SDC

Second/Third SDC:

3x5 blank index cards
Black dry erase markers
Black medium sharpie markers
Ziplock baggies (medium and large)
Glue Sticks
Wet Wipes
Liquid Hand Soap
Block Erasers