School Newsletter

Dear Panda Families, 

Attendance has been low.  Please help us build your child’s success by ensuring they are at school every day and on time. We also appreciate families not sending their sick children to school.  If your child is well it is extremely important that they come to school.  When they are not at school they are missing out on the wonderful lessons their teachers have planned. 

Student dismissal on Mondays is 1:20 pm. for all students.  Tuesday – Friday dismissal is at 2:30 p.m. for K-3 and 2:50 p.m. for 4-5. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before dismissal if you are picking up your child through the pick-up line. Students who are not picked up 10 minutes after dismissal will be brought into the office. Parents will need to park their cars and walk into the office to pick up their children. Nobody likes to sit in traffic...but it’s a reality here at Villalovoz when everyone is in a mad rush to pick up or drop off their child. All this can cause serious safety hazards. The Valet Line runs best when EVERYBODY is following the same rules. PLEASE use the valet line and not the parking lot to wait for students after school. Please remain in your vehicle at all times and pull forward to pick up and drop off, this keeps the line flowing. Do not leave your car unattended or parked in the bus zone. I know it’s tempting but do not use staff parking. It might be empty at the moment but staff come and go throughout the day and it’s important we get our parking back. Please do not block the crosswalks with your car and make sure you are being a good example for our students by using the crosswalk. Most important is to never use the handicap parking if you have no valid handicap sticker. It’s important that you show your child positive character traits!

Part of the process in developing and revising the LCAP is to facilitate stakeholder engagement.  We are asking parents to please take the survey that is posted on our school website.  It will be posted from January 21-February 14.  Our Parent Liaison will be available to assist with support if needed.  Please email her at

ELPAC testing will start early February for those students required to take it.

This month we have had many exciting events at Villa.  Throughout the year each grade level will have Wonders on Wheels (WOW) bring science to the classrooms.  3rd grade recently had their fieldtrips to the Lammersville Historical School.  We also have an art docent that is doing art with each classroom multiple times during the year. 

PFC will be hosting the third annual Family Dance on Friday, February 13th.  We look forward to seeing all the families at this event!

Go Pandas,

Mrs. Quintana